Quality System

The Quality System adopted by KVC UK Ltd. is an ‘International’ system based on the latest requirements of ISO 9001:2008, incorporating the requirements of the American National Standard Specification for Quality Programs as defined within the API Specification Q1 (latest Edition) including API Specification 6D/ISO 14313 (Latest Edition) both published by the American Petroleum Institute.

The KVC Quality System is capable of demonstrating through objective evidence:

(1) Control of the Quality of both Design and Manufacture of all Valves produced by the Company in order to comply with the requirements of National and International Manufacturing Standards.

(2) Conformance with Customers requirements whilst providing a framework for establishing and reviewing all Quality Objectives.

The Quality System equally provides the necessary controls to: Continually Improve Quality Performance, Measure Quality Costs and Manage Manufacturing Performance. It incorporates, as fundamental to the management of the Quality System, an organisational management structure with clearly defined responsibilities, authorities and lines of communication and interrelation for each position with a function in the Quality Program.