KVC (UK) Ltd ensures that product conformance is maintained through the use of established process monitoring and process control inspection and testing methods and procedures.

There is no instance of API Monogramming activity taking place against any KVC product, which has failed to meet the Manufacturing Acceptance Criteria, established by the American Petroleum Institute.

KVC recognise the importance of Acceptance Testing, which is capable of holding the product until all necessary tests, and supporting test documentation has been completed.

The Company take all steps to ensure this Important aspect of Valve Manufacturing to be well demonstrated, through the means of documenting all; Mechanical, Functional and/or Valve Running Tests.

All Test Records are verified by the Quality Assurance Engineering Authority to ensure that Testing performed within KVC is commensurate to the applicable Contract Code, Standard, or Specification.

On completion of manufacturing operation each valve will be inspected and tested in accordance with the customer or specification requirements.

On completion of the physical inspection the Quality Assurance Manager or his designate will review the contract quality records to verify that:

The inspection and test operations required by the contract have been complied with.

The results of inspection and test have been recorded and are acceptable.

Hold or witness points have been signed off or waivers obtained from the customer’s authorised representative, when required.


On completion of Final Inspection, KVC perform a unique ‘Final Inspection Quality Review’ which embraces all aspects of the Contract Inspection and Test requirements and which reviews the throughput of all components incorporated within the completed Valve.

When results of the review are satisfactory and the parts conform to all the contractual requirements, the Quality Assurance Manager or his designate will advise the customer’s authorised representative, when required, of the availability of the parts and the documentation for his review and approval.

Subsequent to this approval, both parties shall sign the appropriate space on the Valve Test Certificate.